Treatment Philosophy

WARM |AUTHENTIC |client- centered | Safe space | nurturing interpersonal healing | containment | processing | solution-focused creative |mindful | EMPOWERING

Therapy is meant to be an empowering, reflective, and contained experience of healing and growth. Developing a trusting and authentic therapeutic relationship is essential to the effectiveness of the process. Therefore, I would recommend all clients seek what feels like the right fit for them when looking for a therapist. Treatment can be ongoing or short-term depending on the need. Putting in place additional emotional support during major life transitions can be especially helpful.  

My overall treatment style is warm, strengths-based, interactive, authentic, collaborative, and client-centered.   My goal is for clients feel that sessions are a sanctuary during their week. I believe in the healing power of developing healthy and secure interpersonal attachments, which informs all aspects of my work. Creating a safe, nurturing, contained space is the foundation of my practice. From a secure and safe foundation, clients can feel comfortable to take the next steps towards working on issues that they would like to address. I meet clients where they are and adapt according to their present needs, personality, culture, and background.  For some, incorporating creative and alternative techniques like art, music, journaling, movement, and mindfulness can offer a dynamic experience. For others, traditional talk therapy may be preferred. Identifying strengths, building resiliency, exploring and challenging dysfunctional patterns, examining the impact of family history, building a support system, and developing healthy coping skills are some things you can expect from this process. Additionally, I aim to ensure that clients leave sessions with practical tools, knowledge, and resources.

My approach is largely informed by attachment theory and cognitive behavioral modalities. However, I also pull from my trainings in psychodynamic, family systems, solution-focused, narrative, and play therapy.  Additionally, I have extensive experience with incorporating creative modalities into treatment, including utilizing art and play as healing tools, which can especially support children and adolescents in engagement with the therapeutic process. I additionally offer walking sessions for some adult clients as light movement, fresh air, and nature can enhance the therapeutic process.

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