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Areas of Focus

Transitioning to Motherhood

The Perinatal period can be deeply beautiful, empowering, and profound. It can also feel transformative and vulnerable. Each stage and milestone brings forth a blend of new joys, obstacles and raw emotions. The unexpected shifts within yourself, your relationships, and your family dynamics can be equally exciting and overwhelming. This transition to motherhood is poised to offer a powerful opportunity for personal growth and awakening. Whichever stage you are in, whether it be working towards conception, pregnancy, postnatal, or loss, I can hold a nurturing space to support you during one of the greatest life transitions. Building your village of supportive people is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your child. We are not meant to mother alone.

Walking Sessions There is nothing more precious than your mind, body, and TIME during the perinatal period. Light movement, fresh air, and nature can enhance the therapeutic process. Plus, walking sessions allow for you to utilize your limited time in a dynamic way. All mothers know it can be a challenge just to get out the door or get an hour to yourself at this time in your life so making it count is huge!


Adolescents & Young Adults

“In my world there are no bad kids, just impressionable conflicted young people wrestling with emotions and impulses, trying to communicate their feelings & needs the only way they know how.” - Janet Lansbury

Adolescence is essentially the transition from childhood to adulthood - a time in one’s life that can be exhilarating and challenging to navigate. While many of us think of adolescence as the preteen and teen stage, there is neurological research that now shows us that adult brains are not fully formed until the mid to late twenties. Therefore, I would define this period as inclusive of not only preteen and teens, but also young adults. Each day can feel like a crossroads and individuation is the developmental focus. Exploring different roles, testing boundaries, and developing peer and romantic relationships are typically at the forefront. Decision making skills are being developed. Empowering youth to make healthy choices in their lives and relationships is key. Adolescents are testing out their independence and can benefit from having safe, supportive adults to connect with outside of the home during this time. In many cases, adolescents spend most of their days being told what to do and being judged by adults and peers in their lives. Therapy can offer a more empowering and contained space to deal with a range of life’s challenges like family conflict, divorce, bullying, managing depression/anxiety, self-esteem, healthy masculinity, and peer/relationship issues. My experience working in schools for many years as a therapist has enhanced my natural ability to connect with youth. Alternative therapeutic tools like art, music, journaling, and mindfulness can also be incorporated into sessions, as appropriate. Parent involvement would depend on age, client comfort level, and level of risk presented.

I additionally offer individual and group therapy for teens at Resolutions Teen Center.

Other Areas of Focus

  • Women’s Issues

  • Life Transitions (preparing for marriage, recovering from breakups, professional shifts, losses, transitioning to/from college)

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Managing Dysfunctional or Challenging Family Relationships

  • Healing from Childhood Trauma

  • Managing Anger

  • Self Esteem

  • Self Care

  • Boundary Setting

  • Codependency

  • Mindfulness

  • Substance Abuse

Group Therapy & Workshops

Stay tuned to see groups and workshops I will be facilitating in the near future….

Clinical Supervision

For Associate Clinical Social Workers & Associate Marriage & Family Therapists, I offer clinical supervision.

School-Based Offerings

With my extensive school-based experience, including program and worshop development, peer leadership facilitation and therapeutic groups, I offer a variety of contracted services for schools.

  • Program Development/Consultation

  • Psychoeducational Workshops for Students & Parents (topics such as healthy relationships, bullying/cyberbullying, how to talk to your kids about healthy relationships, violence prevention/intervention, gender-based violence, healthy coping, dealing with loss/trauma, leadership/how to help peers, self-esteem, art as a healing tool)

  • Group Therapy or Support Groups

  • Crisis Intervention Support